Jan. 20th, 2017

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Malida got a call at about 4:10 this morning from her coworker who was supposed to open the clinic. She was in a wreck and asked Malida to open. So she got up, and I got up and made her coffee. After she left I didn't want to go back to bed, since I had to get up in less than an hour anyway, so I got ready and drove around in the pouring rain playing Ingress until I needed to be at the hospital. There was a lot of debris everywhere, and a half downed power pole leaning over the road. It was kind of a mess. I captured a bunch of portals and made some triangles.

I met my students at 6:30 and oriented them to the hospital setting. There is a lot of hospital-requested paperwork required. More and more each rotation it seems. We got through it and I turned them loose to see what they could find. Lots of my former students on the floor today, who welcomed the students and gave them words of encouragement. I like that.

I went outside to see how things looked and the sun was coming out a bit, but there were still some threatening clouds in the distance. I walked around the block. It felt good to be out in the cold air.


I came home and took a look at the fence in the daylight. It doesn't look that bad, although other sections are sagging. I have wanted to replace it for a while now, but the guy on the other side is a do-it-yourselfer and always wants to fix it. His last fix lasted for quite a while, but we didn't really have any rain or big storms for years, so maybe that's why.


Since I was working, I didn't watch any tv coverage today. For that I am grateful.


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