Feb. 6th, 2017

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There isn't really a story about a girl named PuppyAnne. That name popped into my head this afternoon, completely uninvited, and demanded that I do something with it. I don't feel like writing a story. A subject line will have to do.

My students start on their second module tomorrow. My content is at the end of the module. My colleagues have the next two weeks worth of content to present. Their content isn't updated from last semester, and the module is still closed. I wrote and told them, and they said to keep it closed, until they could update it. It's still closed, so the students don't have lecture notes for tomorrow. This happens every semester. It's as if it comes as a big surprise to them that they need to update their content and make it active for the students to access. Every semester. I guess we need to have another talk.

I looked at the news a bit today. I will be curious to see the list of terrorist attacks that Trump says the press didn't cover.

It's raining again today, which is good. I had my rain gutters fixed last week, and they are working perfectly. We noticed the other day that the areas of our park that tend to flood during heavy rain have kind of stayed flooded. I guess everything is completely saturated.

Instead of taking a picture of food, I took a picture of the rain accumulating on the hood of my car. I love watching the rain accumulate as I drive. The droplets get bigger and bigger, and then when I stop, they all run off the front of the hood. I should probably be paying attention to the road.

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