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I spent part of the day thinking about what we will plant in our yard when it is done, and the other half thinking about what to cook for our July 4 bbq. The guy who is fixing our back yard told me today that he would be done tomorrow. "I have to be done--I have more jobs next week!" He is a disciplined guy with a disciplined crew. I am sure he will be done.

We have a big wicker basket in our bedroom where we drop the change from our pockets. I have been dumping pocket change in there since I moved in here, back in 1999. It is completely full now. We decided we would take it to the machine that converts loose change into real money, and use that money to buy the plants we will grow in our back yard. I'm kind of curious how much money is in there. Malida thinks it is $600. I have no idea. We will find out soon enough, I guess.

lime tree

I planted a dwarf lime tree in our front patio the other day. We have a lemon tree, but I like to use limes too. The gardener suggested we put it in the front patio. He noted we get good morning sun, and should have all sorts of things growing there. He also suggested that we could tap into the front yard irrigation to water patio plants.

The two concrete owls to the right of the lime tree came from my grandpa's house. He had them sitting on his back patio. They are at least 100 years old. During the depression, in the 1930's, my grandparents lived over a garage across the street from the tuberculosis sanitarium where my grandma got treatment for her TB. They had a vegetable garden out back of the garage, and these two owls were part of a bench that sat out there.

The one on the left is cracked in half, which is why they aren't a bench anymore. Now they serve as resting places for pigs. I would like to find a place for them in my new back yard.

It's June 30, and I always think of Richard Brautigan on this day. One of his last books, and his last book of poetry, was called "June 30, June 30". He was an obscure author, but I loved his work.

Flying from Japanese night,
we left Haneda Airport in Tokyo
four hours ago at 9:30 P.M.
June 30th
and now we are flying into the sunrise
over the Pacific that is on its way
to Japan
where darkness lies upon the land
and the sun is hours away.
I greet the sunrise of July 1st
for my Japanese friends,
wishing them a pleasant day.
The sun is on its

June 30th again
above the Pacific
across the international date line
heading home to America
with part of my heart
in Japan.
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Malida was off today, so we got to spend time together. I like when she is off, but I also like when she is working, and I get time to myself. It keeps me happy and sane. In any case, she got up way early (6:30) and tried to convince me to do the same, but I wasn't having it. So she went out walking, and by the time she came back I was up and having coffee.

She had some things to do, so I went out walking in the park. It was a lovely morning, and the temperature was perfect for a walk.


This seems a sort of dreamy photograph. I was thinking about the light and shadows when I took it, and the geese in the distance. I am not sure what caused the rainbow effect--maybe the light hitting the lens from the side or something.

After I got back we did some chores and went out for lunch to a dive place one of my former students told me about. From the outside, it looks like a typical dive bar. On the inside, it looks like a typical dive bar as well, but there was a patio, so we sat out there, next to the smoker, where I could smell brisket.

fish tacos

We had fish tacos, which were delicious, as well as an order of fish and chips, which was also delicious. I will be sure to go back and try that brisket they were smoking out there.


I took this picture of Malida while we were waiting for our food. I like it.

We did some shopping at the asian super market, and then came home. Malida took a nap and I read some stuff about Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is not a cat. She is a little girl. She is five apples tall, and weighs the same as three apples. She has a twin sister, Mimmy, who is also a little girl. She also has a boyfriend, named Daniel Starr. According to the biography, he is not a cat either, but is also a little girl. Everyone calls him Dear Daniel.

It was a nice evening, so we went out walking in the park again just before sunset. We happened across our housekeeper who was driving past us and stopped to tell me she would be coming by Monday to clean. Interestingly, she was all dressed up and driving a fairly new Lexus.
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balancing act
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My landscaper guy came at 8 yesterday with two assistants and went to work. They took down the old fence, got rid of all the concrete borders, and put up the framing for the new fence. They work fast and hard. When he put in my front yard a few years ago, I was surprised by how fast it went. He knows what he's doing.


They came at 8 again today and finished the fence, cleared the yard, and started building our planter boxes. His helpers have something else going on tomorrow, so it will just be him.


We went down to the eye doctor to pick up our new glasses. I normally get wire frames, but this time I got round plastic frames. Malida said I looked like Clark Kent, and called me "Clark" all morning. I am surprised she knows who Clark Kent is.

We were going to try a new place for lunch, but Malida felt kind of sick, so we had some soup instead. Later on I tried a new Swedish meatball recipe. It looked right, but I could taste too much of the individual seasonings in the meatballs. I was kind of disappointed. I'll try a different recipe....someday.

I took a picture, but there was a drop of sauce on the side of the bowl, and it displeased me, so I abandoned it.

...and then decided to post it anyway.


I have been listening to the 20th anniversary re-release version of the Radiohead album OK Computer. I had somewhat forgotten what a great album it is. There are a number of previously unreleased tracks as well, and they are fantastic.
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There's a new coffee place near our house that is not a Starbucks. It is a place where you can go sit and have a nice cup of coffee. It opened last week, and when I went in today, the place was full of people having coffee or whatever and chatting with each other.

I spent some time reading about an old studio backlot in LA known as 40 Acres. It was where the exterior scenes for Gone With The Wind were filmed. It was also used for TV shows such as The Andy Griffith Show, Batman, Hogan's Heroes, and Star Trek.

There is one episode of Star Trek, that takes place on Earth in the 1930s, where Kirk walks past Floyd's Barber Shop from Mayberry. When worlds collide. I love reading about old film and tv locations. At one time, when I didn't have much going on in my life, I watched every episode of Adam-12, and tried to figure out where the exterior scenes were filmed. I later drove down to LA to scope them out.
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you are here

You Are Here, 2011
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Today was the annual Nursing Alumni Luncheon for our nursing program. The luncheon has been going on since the 1950s. It was a way for the former students to keep in touch. I never heard about it until about 5 years ago, when the membership was diminishing and they decided they needed some younger members. The first time I went, it was a bunch of people from the classes of 1959-1962, someone from the 70s, and me (class of 1989). I was the new blood.

We now have a website and a Facebook page, and are adding the option to pay membership via PayPal. We still don't have a lot of members who are less than 75 years old. I have been the outreach coordinator, in charge of trying to bring younger people in, as our membership is declining due to natural attrition.

Now I am the vice-president, and my goal is to figure out where we should go next if we can't get new members. One of our primary functions is to administer a couple of endowments that we use for scholarships. It's a lot of money, and will likely outlast us. We would like to do more, though, but we lack the membership. If we had more people we could set up mentorships for our students, have workshops on job skills, participate in skills labs, and so on. I'm not sure how to get our former students interested in doing that.

I wonder if things like alumni associations are a thing of the past, and not relevant now.

Anyway, it was a nice lunch. The food was surprisingly good for a catered affair. Our current students acted as volunteers. One of my incoming students was one of the scholarship recipients and I got a chance to chat with him a bit.

Vivian and Cathy

Two of my former teachers, Vivian and Cathy. Vivian was my first semester teacher, and Cathy was my 4th semester teacher. I learned a lot from both. Cathy is one of my role models for how I teach the 4th semester. She knew how to step back and give us the freedom to learn and figure it out. I try to do the same. It was so good to see them!
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I slept fitfully last night. It felt hot and I tossed and turned. It was actually cooler than the night before, so I can't blame the heat, and the cats stayed away, so I can't blame them either. I blame the great sleep I got the previous two nights.

The landscaper guy came by about 15 minutes after I woke up and 15 minutes before we were supposed to meet. I know he wanted to get going because he has a full day outside in the heat. He gave me the estimate for our fence and yard work, and it was pretty much what I expected it to be. He will start Monday.

I asked him about the heat. He told me that before he started landscaping, he had an indoor job, and couldn't stand it. The heat is a minor inconvenience in a job he loves. When it gets too hot, he has his guys knock off early and they start early the next day. The more I talk with him, the more I like him.

I was thinking about my dad a bit today. We haven't always had the best relationship, and I am glad we are spending more time together. It took me a while to accept that he is an emotionally closed-off person, and that that wasn't going to change. So most of our conversation is extended small talk.

He surprised me the other day by talking about his family--his parents--about how closed off they were. My sister found an article in the newspaper archives about his mom. Apparently she had been suffering from cancer, and had attempted suicide. She left a note, saying she couldn't stand the pain any longer. She took an overdose of sleeping pills, but was found before she died, and was resuscitated. She lived another six months before she succumbed to the cancer.

My sister, who found this article not too long ago, was livid. She couldn't understand how they could make her suffer like that. She asked my dad about it, but he knew very little about what had happened. He told me that after his mom died, his father waited three days to tell him, because he didn't want to bother him with the details.

I think about how the clock is ticking on my relationship with my father.

silver lake

Another picture from yesterday.
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We were sitting having coffee and wondering how to negotiate a forecasted 110 degree day. I suggested we get out of town and drive up into the Sierras, and Malida immediately agreed. I filled a cooler full of ice, water, and fruit, and we headed east.

Our goal was a place called Kirkwood, up highway 88. It is a pretty drive to get there--pretty much the same drive we take to get to all the little gold rush towns in the foothills, but further east. In the winter, Kirkwood is a major ski resort, but in the summer, the area is dotted with a series of meadows and alpine lakes. The area is about 30 minutes from Lake Tahoe, but without all the people. It is a well-kept secret.

We got up there and decided to hike along the May Lake trail, which descends from the highway down into a meadow and some creeks. Normally the creeks are fairly placid. In years past, I used to fish them. Now I just take pictures.

caples creek

This is what one of the creeks looked like today. The water was so high and fast that we could only go about a third of the way in before we lost the trail, so we stopped and watched the water go by and enjoyed the day. It was in the high 70s and just about perfect. We ate cherries.


A selfie. Me and Malida, and my scraggly summer beard. I love not having to shave.


Some wildflowers growing from the rocks beside the trail. Because this place is at about 8000 feet, spring comes late. Amazingly, there is still some snow on the ground.

trail blazer

I taught Malida a little about how to read trail markings. I showed her some blazes carved into bark and some rock piles that help to show the way. And there's always the sign that says TRAIL ---->.


Yonder be the ski resort. It looks like it could be in Switzerland. After this we headed back down the hill and watched the temperature slowly rise. By the time we got to the produce stand about 20 minutes east of where we live, which is kind of the rural boundary, the temperature was reading at 111. We bought some early corn and came home. Tomorrow is supposed to be significantly cooler--maybe 100.
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I got up fairly early and drove back up to my step-sister's to spend some more time with my dad. He's up there all week and just hanging around the pool. I got there at about 9:30 and we had coffee and sat outside with my step-sister. She had to go to an appointment, so my dad and I got in the car and headed up the road about 15 miles to the town of Colfax.


Colfax is a small town along Highway 80, on the way to Reno. It was, they say, an important staging area for the building of the section of the transcontinental railroad line that went over the Sierra Nevada mountains. My dad heard there was a museum here and wanted to take a look. He thought it was a rail museum, but it was really just a collection of old stuff from the town.

rail map

They did have some rail maps, though, and my dad showed me the route he took when he worked on the mail train back in the early 1960s. He says it was the best post office job he ever had. They would load up the mail in Oakland and sort it along the way, as well as collecting mail from the different towns. He says the work didn't really take very much time, and they spent most of their time eating and playing cards as they headed over the mountains. The would stay overnight in a $2 hotel in Winnemucca Nevada, and head back the next day. Eventually it was less expensive to send mail via trucks and air, and they discontinued the rail post office service.

One of the interesting things in the museum was a collection of medicine bottles from the old pharmacy that closed years ago. I took some pictures to toss into my lecture slides. I love old medical stuff like that.


Potsssium bromide, which was once used to control seizures. Now it is used only in animals.

After the museum we had some lunch, and then headed back down to Holly's and hung out by the pool and talked for a while. I think it was the longest time he and I have spent together without other people around in years and years. It was a good visit.

I headed back down to the valley and the 110 degree temperatures. I had closed all the curtains at home, and the house was nice and cool. In the evening I met with my landscape guy to talk about the back yard.
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Another warm day in the forecast. People who live in my area are freaking out about it on Facebook. We get a bunch of 100+ degree days here every year. It's part of living here. It's like complaining that it is raining in Seattle.

Not to say that there aren't some people adversely affected by the heat--particularly our homeless population. The local governments have opened some cooling centers for those who do not have the luxury of escaping the heat in air-conditioned houses and cars.

We went out walking early this morning, before it got too hot. There were a lot of people out in the park doing the same thing. When we drove past the park this afternoon, it was deserted.

tree face

As I walked past this tree, I noticed two things--the colors, and what looked like a face to me. I stopped to take a picture. Malida commented that she saw a face as well. I see faces in all sorts of things. I read something recently about a guy who sees faces in all sorts of things, and then paints the faces he sees. It was fascinating.

Our plan to beat the heat was to go to the movies. We had a light lunch at LaBou, and then headed to the theater. We rarely see films in the theater, unless it is something special. Before we saw The Godfather a few weeks ago, I would guess that it had been about 2 years since we saw a film on the big screen.

We saw Wonder Woman, which was completely awesome. It was not a movie I was planning to see, or even paying any attention to. I was aware that it existed, but that's about it. Superhero action films are not something I am drawn to.

Anyway, one of my friends here talked about seeing it, and the way she talked about it made me want to see it. I mentioned it to Malida last night, and she said she had heard good things about it and wanted to see it was well.

I love actors who can tell you what they are experiencing by just their facial expressions. Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, has that. Even though it is an action film, it is also a fairly complex drama, driven by her journey into and exposure to the real world.

And then I found this:


I want.
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I was emptying the dishwasher this morning and realized that I tend to put my favorite coffee mugs in a certain place, so that when I open the cabinet, at least one of them will be there. We have a lot of coffee mugs--enough to last a month if we used one every day and them broke it. Some are in heavy rotation, and others just kind of sit in the back of the cupboard hoping to be picked. We have gone through them before and gotten rid of a few, but the "keep" pile is always more substantial than the "toss" pile.

four mugs

Four of my favorites, from left to right: Cafe Du Monde, MURSE, California Zephyr, and Mystery Spot.

Cafe Du Monde: From my first trip to New Orleans back in the 90s when my mom got sick there and spent a month in the hospital. I have a newer Cafe Du Monde cup from the last time I was there earlier this year, and it gets an honorable mention.

MURSE: Given to me by my students a number of years ago. It was my work mug for a while, until I was gifted a pink Hello Kitty mug by another class. For work mugs, Hello Kitty has no peer.

California Zephyr: This is the mug I was holding in my hand when I realized that I gave certain mugs special preference. I bought this last month when we were at the rail museum in Jamestown. Even though it is the newest, it has risen to the top as far as mugs I prefer. There was at least one time this week that I spared it from the dishwasher and hand-washed it so I could use it the next day. When I was a kid, we used to stay at some cabins along the Feather River, and every afternoon, the California Zephyr train would go past on the other side of the river, on its way to Chicago.

Mystery Spot: I love this mug. I got it at the Mystery Spot, which is a tourist attraction in Santa Cruz. It is one of those places where bowling balls roll uphill, etc. It is cheesy, but authentically cheesy. We were there about 5 years ago during a short but delightful trip.

In other news, I went in to work this morning to hand in the keys to the old building and pick up the keys to the portable buildings. We had been told that the portables would all be keyed the same, so we would only need a single key, but somebody thought differently, and we ended up with 7 keys.

Just before I handed my keys over to the operations person, I took a picture. She looked at me, and then down at the keys.

"What are you taking a picture of?" she asked. I told her I was taking a picture of the keys.


"I take pictures of everything." That seemed to satisfy her, and she handed over the new keys.


I'm listening to the final Pink Floyd album that featured Roger Waters. The Final Cut. For some reason it has been playing in my head all day. It is both a companion to The Wall, and a sort of Roger Waters solo album, as the other members had very little to do with it. I can remember sitting in my shithole apartment in Oakland listening to it for the first time, not quite sure what to make of it. Now it is among my favorites.
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We went up to Auburn to have Father's day at my step-sisters house. Pretty much everyone was there except for one step-sister (the one that usually does all the cooking for these things), whose husband is ill. It was nice to see everyone. I don't see my step-siblings all that often, but I enjoy being around them.


My dad hasn't completely bounced back from his cardiac issue and pacemaker placement. He seemed somewhat weak and frail compared to how he was a few months ago, though for 88 he is doing pretty well. In my experience as a nurse, I have seen that you can be really healthy at an advanced age, but it doesn't take much to disrupt that.

My step siblings' father, Dick, was there too, and he is somewhat in the same shape. After I got done talking with my dad about how he is feeling, Dick asked, "Is the clinic open?", and asked me about some issues he is having. Both of them had symptoms that their doctors need to know about, and I recommended that they both give their doctors a call.

My dad and Dick get along pretty well, considering they were both married to the same woman. I find that curious.

We had a great brunch and then everyone hung out in the pool, as it was about 104 degrees out. It was a lazy afternoon full of small conversations. I spent some time talking with my step-brother Eric. It was good to catch up with him.


I'm not sure why I didn't take a shot of everyone in the pool. Maybe because I was in the pool too, and didn't want to get out. I would have stayed in there all afternoon if I had more faith in sunscreen, but I've been burned before.


The alpacas came out in the late afternoon and hung out under the shade of a tree.

It was a good day, and I was glad to see my dad and my family. He will be there all week, and I will go up again on Wednesday to hang out and visit some more.
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It's hot here, and gonna stay hot. Malida woke me up at 5:30 this morning and suggested we go out walking before it got to hot. I suggested rolling over and sleeping for another hour. We did get up at 6:30 and went for a walk. The temperature was already 78. It was a nice walk, and there were plenty of people who had the same idea.

It was in the mid 80s by the time we finished. We came home and had coffee and did chores until we went out again for some lunch at Malida's favorite hamburger place. Interestingly, there were a lot less people there than usual. Maybe the heat keep them home. It was 99 when we went to eat.

From where I was sitting in the restaurant, I could see the people in the next table. It looked to be a guy, his mom, and his girlfriend. I could only really see the girlfriend's face. She seemed pretty uncomfortable around the mom. A lot of looking out the window as mom and son chatted, and looking at her phone. I love watching people and trying to figure out what is going on.

After lunch we came home and took a nap. I dreamed that the cats were sleeping on my lap, but there were two extra cats. I wondered where they came from. I tossed one out the door, and decided to keep the other one.

After we got up I prepared some vegetables to take to our friends' new house. They used to live on the far side of town, but now they are on our side, and much closer. They have a lovely home with lots of counter space in the kitchen. We enjoyed a meal and talked for hours. It is nice to have them closer to us.

It is still in the mid 90s, and will only cool down to 80 overnight. Tomorrow we will go up to see my dad and my step-sister. Her house is up in the foothills where it will be a few degrees cooler, and she has a pool, so should be just about perfect.

bright pond

The bright pond early this morning.
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It was going to be hot today so I got an early start. I talked with one of my doctoral class friends fairly early as I had my coffee, just to catch up. We will be up her way in August, and are making plans to meet up. After I talked with her I went out and ran errands. I had a drawer runner that was broken, and although I am not in any sense a handyman, I thought this was something I could tackle, so I got the stuff for it.

After the hardware store, I took the car to the car wash. My sister will be here this weekend and we will take her up to see my dad at my step sister's house on Sunday for Father's day, so Malida wanted me to make sure the car was clean. Not that my sister would notice.

While I was at the car wash I ran into two old friends--Ed and Doloris. Ed was in my deacon class, and we were ordained together back in 2004. I haven't seen them for a few years. They are among the kindest people I know. When my first wife was sick, Doloris would drive her to chemo when I wasn't able too, and they were always there for us. We chatted for a few minutes until their car was ready, and made plans to meet again soon.

Ed & Doloris

When I lived in Oakland, there was an actual place called Mom's Rainbow Diner, Car Wash, and Disco Lounge. And it was a diner, car wash and disco lounge. I didn't have a car then, so never actually got to have a car wash there, but I have never forgotten it. There was a big rainbow painted over the place.

The other day I mentioned that something had irritated me, and I didn't want to write about it then. I thought about it today and found that it no longer irritates me, so I will just let it be.

I came home and fixed the drawer, and it works perfectly. It's my junk drawer, so it gets used a lot. Does everyone have a junk drawer, or is it peculiar to my family? I keep all sorts of stuff in there, like old keys, a hammer, some screwdrivers, a ball of twine, a plastic fly, and so on.

I had lunch and then lazed during the heat of the afternoon. In the evening I went out and watered the plants and made some plans in my head for what to do with the back yard. Tomorrow the temperature will be in the low 100s. By Tuesday, it will be 109. Hot!
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The guys came this morning to chop down the palm tree. There were three of them. Alejandro and his two assistants. I asked him how he would do it and he explained it to me. He looked up at all the dead fronds and noted that there were probably some animals living in there, which someone had already suggested to me. Alejandro added that there might even be raccoons in there. We do have raccoons in our neighborhood, but I thought they lived in the storm drains.

He put a big ladder up against the tree and climbed up to the top. He cleared some fronds, then climbed onto the tree itself and roped himself in. His assistant removed the ladder and there he was, up in the tree, with a chain saw. I was impressed.

tree 1

I would be reluctant to be up that high.


Once he was settled up there, he went to work. He dropped stuff down to his assistants, who took it out front and put it through a wood chipper. He has an efficient operation.

We went for a walk in the park and when we got back, they had the tree down, and were getting ready to go to work on the stump. Alejandro drove the stump grinder and got it down to nothing, then ground the stump of another tree we had taken out last year. They were done in about 2 1/2 hours.


Now it looks like this. The fence will come down in a week or two, and be replaced. After that we will have our garden guy clear things out and will build some planter boxes, etc. Malida wants a cherry tree too.

After the tree we went out and had Chinese food for lunch. We hardly ever have Chinese, because Malida doesn't like it. The place also has Mongolian BBQ, and I might go back on my own to try that.

I was chopping down a palm tree
When a friend dropped by to ask
If I would feel less lonely
If he helped me swing the axe.
I said: No, it's
not a case of being lonely
We have here,
I've been working on this palm tree
For eighty seven years
I said: No, it's
not a case of being lonely
We have here,
I've been working on this palm tree
For eighty seven years
He said: Go get lost!
And walked towards his Cadillac.
I chopped down the palm tree
And it landed on his back.

--Neil Young: The Last Trip to Tulsa
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I had something to post about yesterday--a minor rant about something that happened in the morning and took four hours to resolve, but as I got on to write about it, I saw the first reports of the big high-rise fire in London and watched the Sky News coverage. I decided my minor rant wasn't important considering the unfolding tragedy.

I was quite surprised to wake up and find that the London fire wasn't the major news story today. It had been bumped by the shooting of some congress people and aides in Virginia by some crazed gunman. If that weren't enough, there was another mass shooting in San Francisco. Unbelievable.

I don't have a picture that describes today, so I am using one from last year of some peaceful flowers.

old flowers
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It was a lovely day. I took a walk in the park and did errands, arranged to have the palm tree removed, made eye doctor appointments for Malida and myself, and had a nice salad for lunch.

In the evening I drove downtown to the new arena that opened late last year to see a concert featuring Roger Waters, one of the founding members of Pink Floyd. The arena is much better than I imagined. There is a plaza with some public art that leads to the main entrance. Lots of nice places to sit, which I did, because I was somewhat early. I watched people arrive for the show. Most of them were somewhere near my age, but a surprising number of younger people as well.

I had a pretty good seat about halfway back, but with a good sightline to the stage and the huge screen above it. The people sitting near me on either side were very friendly. I won the award for having seen Pink Floyd three times, and Roger Waters as a solo act once previously. The guy to my left, Carlo, said "Wow, dude! How old are you?"

Roger Waters

For the first half of the show, there was just a big screen behind the band. They projected all sorts of stuff up there. Pink Floyd was ahead of the game in concert visuals, and Roger Waters seems to have incorporated everything he has learned into this production.

During the second set, a second series of screens dropped down from the ceiling and bisected the audience. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it before.


Roger Waters doesn't make his dislike of Trump a secret. One of my Texas pro-Trump friends suggested that a lot of people would probably walk out at this point, but It brought the crowd to their feet, cheering.


And of course, a blurry photo of the flying pig. When I first saw Pink Floyd perform Animals, back in 1977 (40 years ago!!! Wow, dude! How old are you?), the pig was suspended on a wire and just traveled from the back of the stadium to the front. Now, the pig is a drone, with a bunch of little motors that someone is remotely controlling. This meant that the pig could wander all over the arena, which everyone loved.

It was a good show.
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It almost looked like it was going to rain today, and I guess it did in some areas near us. One of my friends who lives up in the foothills reported some hail. We don't normally seen rain this time of year, so it was noteworthy.

The clouds brought a nice cool day. We went out and walked in the park this morning. Lots of people were setting up for picnics, and there were a bunch of baseball or softball tournaments going on. Interestingly, there were also all sorts of yellow-beaked magpies about. We see them all the time in the park, but they were all concentrated at the edges of the baseball diamonds, seemingly watching the games. I took a blurry and unusable picture of two of them sitting on a fence watching the action on the diamond.

We had some lunch and came home and napped for a bit before watching a dvd of The Godfather Part II. It's a long movie, and we took a break at the halfway point, so we didn't finish it until about 7 pm. Malida wanted to go right into Godfather III, but I convinced her to wait for another day. It's even longer, and not as good as the first two. As with the first film last week, I was struck by how well made this one was.

After cooking for the past three days, I had plenty of leftovers, so that's what we had while we watched the movie.

big fluffy clouds
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palm tree

The palm tree that has to come down. I am kind of bummed. I like this tree, but pretty soon it will be in my neighbor's yard as well as mine.


Goslings in the creek during our walk today. It was a lovely day for a walk. After we walked we tried a new Korean restaurant, which was authentic and good.


I grilled some ribs for dinner. That's about it.


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