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2017-07-19 10:12 pm

July 19--Getting ready

As I was sitting in the bathroom this morning, thinking, I noticed a very small spider, not much bigger than an ant, had let itself down on a strand of web from the ceiling, and stopped at eye level with me, just a few inches away. We watched each other for a bit. Eventually it started climbing back up toward the ceiling and I went on my way to face the rest of the day. I saw it as a good sign.

I went into work today to put some time in on the curriculum revision I am working on. I finished the revision part, and got a ways into the new content I am adding. This is for the community IV therapy course we have our students complete. I talked to my boss about it a bit, and she told me she was going to get me some funding for the hours I am putting into it. She's great like that.

I spent about 5 hours on the project, then came home and read one of my Hardy Boys books for a while. As things stand in the book, they just got arrested for mail theft and are in jail on a $50,000 bond. I can't imagine they will be able to get out of this, but there are subsequent books, so maybe.

chocko on the table

Chocko basks in the late afternoon light on the breakfast table. Don't tell Malida.
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2017-07-18 08:45 pm

July 18--A day at the fair

We went to the State Fair today as planned, though without our friend, who was feeling poorly. We did all the things we normally do at the fair.

wave thing

This is one of a couple of rides here that used to belong to Michael Jackson on his Neverland Ranch. Whee.

baby pigs!

See the livestock. Check. Baby pigs!


Visit the gardening display. Check.

Visit the vendor pavilions and buy something we don't need, Check. Actually we bought some really cool peelers, and a few more sets of the sheets we bought last year. No Ginzu knives, though.

wine slushie

We tried something new this year. It's a blackberry wine slushie. It was delicious and very refreshing after walking around in the heat all day. While we were there, I ran into one of my former students, who was also enjoying a wine slushie. I almost always run into a former student at the fair.

corn dog

Corn dog. Check. A wise man once said that if you visit the State Fair and don't have a corn dog, it's as if you never went.

foot massager

$.25 vibrating foot massager. Check.

fair picture

Photo booth pictures. Check. This year's and last year's.

It was a fun day.
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2017-07-17 09:56 pm

July 17--Put it on the hook, Hank

I sat out on the back patio this morning and had coffee. I saw a red-throated hummingbird and a green-throated hummingbird, as well as a pair of doves. My attention was briefly directed at a snail crawling across the patio floor. I thought a bit about what the world would be like if snails had feet, and when I looked back, the snail was gone.

After coffee, I went in to work for about 4 hours. I have to revise our IV therapy online module. It will go live on August 10, so the clock is ticking. It used to be revised by a group from the various schools in the area, but they abandoned it last year, and I decided to rescue it rather than write an entirely new curriculum. I figured it would take hours and hours, but I was able to complete two of the four modules today, and will try to complete the other two on Wednesday.

I need to add a module dealing with intraosseous IV access, which is where you use a little drill to place an IV catheter in a bone. It's pretty cool. It will be a short module, though and shouldn't take long.

There were a few people from the program we share space with in the office today, and I got a preview of how loud it is going to be when the semester starts and there are 14-15 people in that space. I'm investing in some good headphones.

I came home and found two packages on the front patio. One was this exercise thing that Malida asked me to buy. It took me two hours to assemble. The other package was a bunch of old Hardy Boys books I ordered.

I mentioned last week that I had bid on a set of books and dropped out when the price got too high. I did another search and found a bunch of the books for sale from another seller for about $3-4 each, so I bought a bunch.

hardy boys

These books were originally written in the 1920s-1930s. The versions I read as kid were revisions that were written in the late 1950s-early 1960s. I have always wanted to read the originals.

I started one today--The Great Airport Mystery. It starts out with a drunken airmail pilot crashing his plane on the highway. Can't wait to see where it goes from there.

We are taking our recently married Thai friend to the State Fair tomorrow. Malida and I love going to the fair, and have our routine down. We start out at the fair food, then go see the livestock, the farm exhibit, and some of the art stuff. When it gets hot, we go see the indoor pavilions. We revisit the fair food and have a corn dog, then go to the pavilion where people try to sell you ginsu knives and such. I love watching those demonstrations. We always end up buying something. Last year it was bedsheets, which we love. We will be looking for them again to get a few more sets.

At the very end of the fair day, we seek out the $.25 foot massagers, then have our picture taken in the photo booth. It is supposed to only be 92 degrees tomorrow, so should be a good day.

Malida's cousin, the one who lives in Frankfurt, is on holiday and posting lovely pictures of waterfalls and things like that on Facebook. Malida made a comment on one picture in Thai language, and I hit the "translate" function to see what she said. "Put it on the hook, Hank", said the translator, completely mangling something like "that looks like a nice place to swim."
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2017-07-16 10:03 pm

July 16--If you lived here, you would be home now


Back on this day in 1975 I was seeing the Rolling Stones at the Cow Palace. Tickets were $10.
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2017-07-15 10:06 pm

July 15--Walking, not running

We made some plans to take Malida's friend to the the state fair next week. She is the one who got married a few months ago. Her new husband is a pilot, and is gone for a few days each week. She doesn't drive yet, so she pretty much sits at home. Anyway, we thought the fair would be fun for her. She will spend the night at our house as well, and then she and Malida will do some shopping.

I like going to the fair. I have been going to it, on and off, since I moved up to Sacramento, where the fair is held. My first fair visit was 32 years ago, in 1985. It was during one of the low points in my life. I remember wandering around feeling somewhat morose, until I walked into a greenhouse with all these beautiful flowers. I sat there for a few minutes, and had a sort of epiphany that maybe my life wasn't over after all, one of a few epiphanies I had during that time. A few months later I would turn 29, and go down and sign up for the initial classes that would lead to my initial nursing degree. I always think of that moment in the flower hothouse when I am at the fair. That and a corn dog.

We walked along the creek trail this morning before it got too hot. We saw all our turtle and bird friends, as well as some friendly dogs and people. After we walked to we went to the gyro/kabob place and had some gyros.


I took a nap this afternoon, but was awakened by Malida yelling something from another room, which she likes to do. When I opened my eyes, I found that she was still taking her nap, and I realized that it was her yelling at me in a dream that woke me up. It seemed somewhat unfair.

In the afternoon I did some work for work. I have some curriculum to update, and it has to be done by August 10, when we open our course site. I also have to update the course site. So I will spend some more time on that next week.

shrimp roll

I made some shrimp rolls with homemade dill pickles for dinner. I have never made pickles, and was kind of surprised by how easy it is. I remember my babysitter making them in the summer from cucumbers she grew in her garden in the back yard. It seemed like a big deal back then, but maybe because she was putting them in jars and doing all that that entails.

My babysitter's name was Bernice. She cared for me from when I was about 2 until I was about 12 or 13 and didn't require a babysitter any more. She was like a second mother to me, and I have fond memories of those times. She always had a big garden because they didn't have much money, and the food they grew was what they ate. I could (and probably will) write an entire entry or two about those times.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 106 degrees here. We are planning our day accordingly.
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2017-07-14 10:56 pm

July 14--Spellbound

I got up early this morning to do some cooking for Malida's work potluck today. It was kind of warm yesterday evening, and I didn't want the house to heat up any more than it was, so I opted for this morning instead. I made a macaroni and cheese casserole, which is a big favorite with her work peeps. It's a recipe I have been making since I first learned to cook. It has evolved a bit over time, but is essentially the same recipe that my grandma showed me.

After I finished cooking, I took the food to Malida's workplace, which is about 15 minutes from our house. I dropped off the food and then played Ingress for a while. It was good to make some green triangles.

case tractor

This sits next to a portal known as "Antique McCormick Tractor", which is an antique McCormick tractor. This, however, is an antique Case steam tractor, circa 1899. There is a yard full of these things just beyond where the city ends and it turns to a rural area.

Yesterday I had a nice phone conference with my doctoral advisor. She was happy with my progress. I have to keep reminding myself that my ultimate goal is not to please her, but to complete the project and graduate.

I have about a month left of summer break before I return to work. I have a lot to do in that time, both with my project and with work stuff. One week of that time will be a driving vacation in Oregon, which I am looking forward to.

cactus flower

A cactus flower near the rusting tractors.
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2017-07-14 12:46 am
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2017-07-12 10:45 pm

July 12--Surprised to learn

I woke up fairly early in anticipation of my phone conference with a researcher who had done work in the Hmong Community here in my area. I re-read the articles she had co-written with a number of other researchers and formulated some questions I wanted to ask. I completely forgot to have a cup of coffee, until it was almost time for the call. Fortunately, I was able to fit that.

I spoke to her for close to an hour. She was gracious with both her time and her knowledge. She was able to provide me some valuable contacts in the Hmong community, and offered to share a bunch of educational material in Hmong that they had developed. More valuable were her insights into the community and how to reach the people I need to reach. She understood my project, and gave me some valuable practical advice.

I have a phone meeting with my advisor tomorrow. I will need to show her that I have made progress with my project. I have, but hope I am able to adequately describe that progress to her.

After I spoke to the researcher, I went out and took a walk in the park. I felt good, and was happy to be outside. I took a selfie to send to Malida. I like it, thought my eyes are half closed.


After I got home I spent some more time researching out on the patio on my laptop. It was a lovely day. The landscaper came by and we talked about some adjustments to the watering system, which he will do tomorrow.


The daylily seems to be doing well.
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2017-07-11 09:57 pm

July 11--Loan me a dime

I woke up to another sunny day, which is pretty normal for the summer. If I had woken up to anything else it would have been remarkable. The forecast for today said it would be warm, but that the temps would remain below 100, which is fine with me.

I got up and watered the plants in the back yard. I had made coffee for Malida before she left for work early, but by the time I thought about having a cup it was already cold, and I wanted to get out and walk before it got hot.

I took my usual walk in the park. Lots of people out walking again this morning. I saw one guy who looked to be about 10 years older than me jogging. My knees said, "no way man".


Some hand prints on the side of a storage locker at one of the baseball diamonds. The way the light hit it, it made me think of someone on the other side of a window, trying to get out.

I listened to music while I walked--The Loft, which is my favorite satellite radio station. The DJ who was spinning has been a DJ for years and years. I love hearing her tell stories about her experiences over the years.

I came home and did some work towards my doctoral project. I have a phone interview in the morning with a woman I have been trying to track down for a while, who did some work with diabetes in the Hmong community a few years ago, and is now focusing on cancer in the same community. I'm hoping she can give me some contacts in the community.

Being an introverted person, having to reach out to people I don't know is probably the most difficult aspect of this project. I hate doing it, but if the project is to succeed, I have to. And I have to be persistent about it. I'm trying.

I had some lunch and sat down in my easy chair and read a novel for a few uninterrupted hours. I read close to 200 pages. Reading for pleasure--such a luxury.

I mentioned that the book is somewhat dated. It was written in 1969. If the protagonist is out and about, he has to find a phone booth to make a call, and has to have a pocket full of change to do it, or at least a dime. If he is expecting a call, he has to hang around the office, or tell someone where he can be reached. Need some important papers in New York? Get on the redeye and fly there. No fax machines, no FedEx. Get there and find that someone swiped the papers out from underneath you? Find another phone booth to call with the bad news.

All the women are two-dimensional sex symbols, at least from the perspective of the protagonist. And everyone smokes, even in doctor offices. Oh, and three-martini lunches. No wonder the protagonist gets lost in thought so often. A captivating story, nevertheless.



Years ago, before Boz Scaggs was a smooth operator, he recorded his second album with a bunch of session musicians. One of the songs was a blues number that ran close to 13 minutes. The session guitarist for that track was Duane Allman.
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2017-07-10 10:28 pm

July 10--Prof. Panglos and Rabbit

I wanted to get out and take a walk before it got too hot, and I did. I went over to the park and walked the cycle. There were plenty of other people who had the same idea. It was supposed to be just under 100 today (and it was), which was cooler than the past few days, but still kind of hot.

After my walk I went to the big hardware store/nursery and got a couple bags of mulch and a few other things. I will put the mulch in the garden tomorrow. I bought some marigolds to plant near the tomatoes. I'm still thinking about the ultimate fate of the fountain, and have some ideas, but haven't acted on them.

I went to the store and bought some things. I had an idea about making some mini-burgers. I found some interesting cheddar cheese with roasted onions in it and some beer-based mustard from the brewery up the road in Chico.

I came home and fixed the burgers. I sautéed some onions and mushrooms and grilled the burgers. I prepared some mini-buns with the mustard. I added the cheese to the burger. I thought about taking a picture, but didn't. They were amazing! The various flavors fit together perfectly. I jotted down some notes so I could remember how I made them.

After lunch I did a bit of doctoral work. I had a few people respond to my requests for information, and made a couple of phone appointments for later in the week. My advisor sent me an article.

I started reading an old novel I had read years ago called The Seven Minutes. It has to do with censorship. Some of the situations and attitudes are horribly dated (think early 70s), but the author's thoughts on freedom of speech are still very relevant.

I had a nice nap, after which I got up and did some house chores. I read the book some more, and now I am here making this journal entry while Malida watches a Korean soap opera.


A new piece of art on the maintenance shed at the park. I like it.

I learned today that there is an entire book written about Jethro Tull's album Thick as a Brick, and that there are a few paragraphs that analyze "Prof. Panglos and Rabbit", which was a comic on the album cover. We are geared toward the average rather than the exceptional.
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2017-07-09 10:10 pm
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2017-07-08 09:44 pm

July 8--Paleo bacon

I had another interesting dream last night where I was attending a wedding, but had forgotten to dress up. Everyone else was in a suit and I was in jeans. At some point it became clear that I was the photographer, and I was dressed in black, which was ok. During the ceremony the bride turned to me and criticized how I was shooting the ceremony.

Then I woke up, and it was already getting warm. So I went out and put the fountain where I thought it ought to be, put some water in it, and plugged it in. It makes a pleasing sound and looks pretty good, but it was splashing a bit. I will need to do a bit more with it, and then make the area around it pleasing. By the time I was done with that and watering the plants, it was in the 90s, and I went inside.

After a while I went to the store to get some stuff for dinner and for tomorrow. As I was perusing the bacon, I saw that one was Paleo approved bacon. I have heard of the whole paleo thing, but never really looked into it. I didn't buy paleo bacon.


I'm watching a Radiohead concert on Youtube. It was recorded last month in Italy. It's really good.
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2017-07-07 10:41 pm

July 7--150 feet

I had an interesting dream last night where I met some 4 year-old boy who had a normal body, but the face of a 45 year-old man, with a mustache and graying temples. It was kind of odd.

I sat out on the patio this morning and worked on my progress report. I spoke to a woman on a Navajo reservation in Arizona about their diabetes prevention program. Native Americans have a very high prevalence of diabetes and resulting kidney disease. Their program seems to be somewhat successful, though she told me they are completely overwhelmed and understaffed.

There is way less money to be made in prevention than there is in the pharmacological treatment of the resulting disease.

I managed to work up my progress report and sent it off to my advisor. I will discuss it with her next Thursday. I will continue to work on making progress in the next two weeks before the semester ends. After I wrote that last sentence, I realized I had written almost the exact same sentence in my progress report.

In the early afternoon Malida and I headed downtown to have some Japanese food. She has had a sushi jones for a week or so, and I always like this place. It has been there forever. I recall going there for my third or fourth date with my first wife, back in 1990.

We came home and watched the temperature outside rise to about 109 degrees. A few of our new plants can't handle it, even with extra watering. The azalea seems to be pooping out. The hibiscus, on the other hand, seems to love the heat, and is getting ready to bust out some blooms. If the azalea doesn't make it, I will get another hibiscus. Survival of the fittest.


I had a photographer friend once who asked another photographer to mentor him. When they met, the mentor photographer told him his task was to pick a spot, any spot, and for the next three months, photograph only within 150 feet of that spot.
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2017-07-06 10:29 pm

July 6--Water Feature

As I typed the date and subject for this post, I was nagged by the thought that July 6 meant something to me at one point in my life. Can't remember what it was, though.

I woke up at about 6:30 and daydreamed until my alarm went off at 7. I set the alarm because I had a full day of catching up with my doctoral work planned, ahead of a progress report I have to submit tomorrow. I work best under deadline, and made significant progress today.

I spoke to a couple of people with the Indian Health Service about what they are doing in diabetes prevention. I corresponded with a researcher in Michigan who is doing a program similar to what I am working on and offered to share what she has with me. I found a series of research studies from a woman in New York who has studied the effectiveness of lay health workers in diabetes prevention and describes evaluation tools that I have been looking for. And I found a potential source of funding through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Ideally I would have spaced this all out over the past month, but I didn't. Procrastination is probably one of my most significant character flaws. I suspect there is also some element of depression mixed in there. In any case, I no longer feel like I am treading water--I feel like I have some momentum again.

Malida was off today, but it was hot and she was relatively torpid other than going out to get us some Lao food. She seemed relieved that I was back working on my project. She's off again tomorrow, and we will go downtown for some Japanese food after I submit my report.

While I was working, all sorts of packages were delivered to my door. I received an old Hardy Boys book from a guy in New Jersey that I bought through Ebay--The Secret of the Lost Tunnel. I loved the Hardy Boys books when I was a kid. I also received a hummingbird feeder to replace the one that has started leaking. And, finally, my water feature arrived.

I ordered a garden fountain online a few days ago. We plan to put it in a corner of the yard where it is always shady. I have some stuff to do before I place it and hook it up, but won't have time to do that until Saturday, so I put it out on the new grass to take a picture.

water feature
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2017-07-05 09:05 pm

The reason the FBI visited me

I mentioned this a few days ago. I was living off-base with some roommates in a little house at the edge of town in rural Idaho. It was a sort of trailer park, but instead of trailers, someone had bought the old wooden base hospital and cut it up into about a half dozen little houses, all scattered around a grassy area. Pretty much everyone that lived there knew each other, and we all hung out a lot.

One of the guys was married. He was from NY, and was (I think) Puerto Rican by ancestry. His younger brother got into some trouble in New York, and his mom sent him out to live with his brother so he could cool off and stay out of trouble. After he arrived, we all hopped into the car and took him up into the mountains so he could see what it looked like. There was a river, and we sat by it for a while.

On the way back, we stopped in to a diner in a small town to get some burgers. While we were sitting there, some guy came up and said he was the immigration police and wanted to see my friend's brother' papers. I don't remember who the guy was, but it seemed like he might have been a deputy or something. He wasn't wearing a uniform.

He started harassing my friend's brother and threatened to arrest him. We ended up leaving and coming home. My friend's brother was pretty distraught. It was a different kind of adversity and threat than he was used to in New York. I was so upset that the next day I called somewhere and made a complaint.

Two months later, the FBI guys show up at my door wanting to know what had happened. By then, my friend's brother had gone back to New York. So I told them the story. And that was the last I heard of it.

When I first remembered that the FBI guys had visited me, I had forgotten the reason why initially. Later, as I was driving, I remembered the kid being harassed by that small-town bully, and how it devastated him. It was 38 years ago. I wish I could think there are no small-town bullies like that anymore, but I know better. I read about them every day now.
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2017-07-05 08:23 pm

July 5--Nothing as pretty as pie

I was kind of worn out from cooking all day yesterday, so didn't do too much today. I sat out on the patio and had a cup of coffee. A bird flew up to the hummingbird feeder and tried to stick his big beak in it, without luck. It was a bird I had never seen before--had some yellow in his wings. Maybe he will come back and try again.

I had an electrician come and put in an outdoor outlet in the patio so we can plug in our garden fountain when it gets here. I watched a youtube video that made it look like I could do it myself, but I don't like to mess with electricity. Anyway this guy came and got it in and didn't charge me much. And it works. And I'm not electrocuted. Win-win.

Mr Lincoln

The first bloom from one of our two new rose bushes. Mr. Lincoln.
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2017-07-05 08:17 pm

July 4--BOOM!

We had our friends over for a nice July 4th dinner. I slow-grilled a rib roast and had some corn, asparagus, mashed potatoes and a couple salads. Everything turned out well. After dinner we sat outside and chatted until it was time for the fireworks show in the park.

Our back yard faces where the park is, and we used to get a fairly good view of the fireworks show they set off every year. This year, with the big palm tree down, we got an unobstructed view. It was a great show that lasted about a half-hour. Sometimes I take pictures, but this year I just sat and enjoyed it. I played Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon as background music.


Apinya and Malida are from the same town in Thailand, and went to the same nursing school, a year apart. She and Danny were living in Kansas when Malida first moved, here, but ended up moving to our town about 6 months later when Danny got a new job. Now they live 15 minutes from us.
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2017-07-03 10:00 pm

July 3--The rooster old-age home

I got a lot done today. On the days Malida works it is hit and miss. Some days I get a lot done, some days I sit and do not much of anything, in the blissful quiet.

I had to get up fairly early because our once-a-month housekeeper was due at 8:30, and I needed to get stuff put away so she could clean. She's the one we saw in the park the other day. I went out to see what she was driving. It's the same care she had the other day, but turns out it is a Nissan and not a Lexus. She's been cleaning for me on and off for close to 16 years. My first wife hired her. She does a great job. She was telling me about wanting to take some English classes, and asking about Malida's experience. Her spoken English is actually pretty good, but she has some difficulty with written English. I encouraged her to check it out.

After she got started I went to the hardware store to get a new sun shade for the patio, and then to Costco to get a roast to grill tomorrow. I was fortunate to get into Costco before it was crowded. I hate it when every aisle is jammed with people gathered around the sample tables. I found a nice roast and came home and got it ready for tomorrow.

I read some thing about a couple of FBI agents visiting some woman to get information about a case, and she didn't believe that they were FBI agents and wouldn't talk to them. It reminded me of a time when I was in the military, but living off base in Idaho. I was at home, sitting in the living room rolling a joint and there was a knock at the door. It was two FBI agents who wanted to talk to me about something that had happened a couple of months ago, not related to anything military. They asked if they could come in, and I didn't know how to say no, so the came in and sat down next to the table where my marijuana was scattered around.

I'm sure they saw it (you couldn't miss it), but they never once mentioned it. I appreciated that. We spoke for a while and then they left. Te story about why they came is interesting, but I will save it for another day.

I went to the regular grocery store in the late afternoon to get the rest of the stuff I needed for dinner tomorrow. I had planned to go through the self check-out because I didn't feel like talking to anyone. Sometimes I get like that. As chance would have it, I spotted an old friend across the produce department and went over to say hello. I worked with her for about 20 years in the ICU. She retired about 8 years ago, and I have only seen her a couple of times since then. She was always one of my favorite people. So in spite of not wanting to talk to anyone, we talked for about a half hour.

She lives in the rural area south of where I live. We talked about the little post office in her town, which is the one I like, with the rose garden next to it. I told her I liked the rooster that lived in the rose garden. She mentioned that something attacked the rooster, and it got pretty badly hurt. Being a lover of all things animal, she rescued him, took him to the vet, and now he lives in her house. Actually inside the house. She said he is pretty old and doesn't like being out in the heat. So now it's her, her partner, the rooster, and 16 cats.


After I got home from the store, I said hi to the guy across the street, and he walked over to see my back yard. We ended up talking for more than an hour. I like him a lot. He is a great neighbor.

I guess that's what happens when I decide I don't want to talk to anyone.

Two other things:

--We were in a restaurant having breakfast with a friend a few weeks ago and there was some background music playing. Eventually a Hall & Oates song came on, and I found myself signing along to it. I happened to glance up and noticed that pretty much everyone else in the restaurant--servers, customers, the cook--were all singing along to it too. I thought that was pretty cool.

--I mentioned the other day about the Hello Kitty Maternity Ward in Taiwan. Today, one of my former students tagged me on Facebook with a picture from that same Hello Kitty Maternity Ward, and told me she thought of me when she saw it. I thought that was pretty interesting.
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2017-07-03 09:33 pm

July 2--Putting things in the ground

I forgot to post yesterday, so am making up for it. I really never said I was going to do a post every day, but I found that if I skip a day, it's one step closer to just not posting at all anymore. I guess.

Anyway, we got up fairly early for a Sunday and headed out to the nursery to buy plants for our yard. We had gone the day before, and scoped things out, so we had a fairly good idea of what we wanted. Some shrubbery (bring me a shrubbery!), a bunch of herbs, some vegetables, although it is a bit late to be planting vegetables, and a few other things.

We came home and planted everything before it got too hot. It felt good to be out working in the yard again, and having a place to grow stuff. We got everything planted then went and had some tacos.

Later in the afternoon, Malida sat outside with the plants to make sure they were doing ok. We like how the yard has turned out.

malida in the yard

In the evening, I started reading a book somewhat about the funeral industry. It's called "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory". It's pretty good.
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2017-07-01 09:46 pm

July 1--I'm not a "detail the car in the park" kind of guy

The landscape guy and his assistants came early and really went to work. By 5 pm, they were done, and we have a new back yard. It looks good. Tomorrow we will go get some plants and such to plant. Now everything Malida wanted us to do with the house is done. We have new floors, the house is painted inside and out. We have new window coverings. We have a new fence, new grass, and a new place to plant stuff. Time to make another list.


I was walking in the park the other day and I saw a guy detailing his car, under the shade of a big oak tree. I thought that was interesting.

Also, there's a Hello Kitty maternity hospital in Taiwan. I thought that was interesting too.

Finally, Happy Birthday Canada! Yay!