Nov. 2nd, 2005

Blue tutubi

Nov. 2nd, 2005 10:24 pm
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I guess this is the day I posted a lot.

I am going back to work tomorrow--night shift--for a couple of months, and I'm trying to squeeze in a few final adventures. It was supposed to rain this afternoon, but I took my chances and went out to the Consumnes River nature preserve, one of my favorite places to hike around and sit by the river. The weather turned out to be lovely, and I was glad I went.

There are all sorts of migratory waterfowl this time of year--big geese and such. I didn't see any during most of my hike, but as I was leaving I came across a field just full of them. I sat and watched them for a while and took some pictures. I know next to nothing about nature photography, but it was fun to try and capture them in flight. I'll keep going back throughout the month and see if I can get anything worth posting.

Tutubi is what they call the dragonfly in the Philippines. It is my favorite Filipino word. When I see a dragonfly, I don't think of it as a dragonfly any more--I think of it as a tutubi.

tonbo--that's japanese for dragonfly
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