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I forgot to post yesterday, so am making up for it. I really never said I was going to do a post every day, but I found that if I skip a day, it's one step closer to just not posting at all anymore. I guess.

Anyway, we got up fairly early for a Sunday and headed out to the nursery to buy plants for our yard. We had gone the day before, and scoped things out, so we had a fairly good idea of what we wanted. Some shrubbery (bring me a shrubbery!), a bunch of herbs, some vegetables, although it is a bit late to be planting vegetables, and a few other things.

We came home and planted everything before it got too hot. It felt good to be out working in the yard again, and having a place to grow stuff. We got everything planted then went and had some tacos.

Later in the afternoon, Malida sat outside with the plants to make sure they were doing ok. We like how the yard has turned out.

malida in the yard

In the evening, I started reading a book somewhat about the funeral industry. It's called "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory". It's pretty good.
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