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Our flight was delayed on the ground due to some sort of mechanical issue--a light that shouldn't be on. This is the third time i have been on a Delta flight, and the third time I have had mechanical issues. Anyway, they fixed it and we are now in the air. We ill miss our connecting flight in NY, but I was able to call and rebook a later flight while we were waiting, so we will really only be arriving 3 hours later than originally planned. Maybe.

While we were waiting, there was a beautiful sunrise. I can't seem to upload the pic. Mechanical problems. lol.

The plane took off after an hour, which was just long enough of a delay to ensure we would miss our connecting flight in NY. I called and rebooked before we took off. When we got to JFK, I found that they didn't actually reserve seats for us, so the next plane was full. The woman at the desk was very nice and spent almost an hour figuring something else out for us. She got us on a direct flight to Frankfurt, and had a shuttle rush us over to catch it at the other terminal. We had a great flight, and got to see our second sunrise of the day as we flew over the Normandy coast.

We're in Frankfurt now at Malida's cousin's house. It's filled with kids laughing and playing. I need a cup of coffee and a nap, and I'll be all set.

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How do I fix it

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May. 28th, 2013 11:20 am
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This is my third day in Ubon.It is my home town in Thailand.I did not feel jet lag at all even-though at the few days before.i ate a lot and it help.only me this trip feeling a little lonely espcially now I am sitting at customer lounge for car survive but not too bad I can use free Internet here.i don't have Internet at home.my mother and my brother they have their routine but I took them out to village with grandma and saw many people that we know them for long since I was kid.time went by fast children growing up old people getting older.i don't feel I change at all but they must see me in the same way.i gave money present for people who I want.old people here when they retire they don't have any income.compare quality of life is not good like US but mostly I saw the happy face and healthy.i didn't see wheel chair,cane,oxygen on their nose.they are skinny.i would like to be like grandma if I old.

It is one hour left I think I done with Internet .i don't think I can stay here more in next three hours.i will walk and go eat noodle that next to nana shop.exploring time

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Feb. 5th, 2013 06:51 am
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