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It turned out to be just a normal sunday, sans Malida. I got up late, had coffee, did house chores. I went out to take a walk and do the shopping. Since my potassium is still low, I bought food that is high in potassium--Brussels sprouts, bananas, etc. The next critical step is to actually eat the foods high in potassium. I had a banana.

I took a walk along the creek. It was a nice day. About 70 degrees, and a little breezy. It feels like fall. I cam home and read for a while.

Malida called from Taiwan and we talked for a bit. She had a good flight. The middle seat was empty, so she was able to get some good airplane sleep. She will be getting into Bangkok in the next half hour or so and will spend about a week there with her friends. She will be there for the King's funeral, which is a big deal. She brought almost all black clothes.

Back to work tomorrow. Whatever.

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Malida is on her way back to Thailand for three weeks to visit friends and family, so it's just me and the cats for a while. Her plane left at 1 am, and is still on its way. She will land in Taiwan in a couple of hours, then take a flight to Bangkok.

She was pretty excited about leaving, though stopped repacking her bags. They weighed out at just under 50 pounds each, for a total of about 100 pounds worth of stuff going back to Thailand with her. Lots of gifts, candy, old clothes, etc. I love walking through the village and seeing my old shirts.

What did she want as her last meal before leaving?

Malida and burger

"They don't have burgers like this in Thailand." she remarked.

We rested in the afternoon, then took a nice walk before we had to get ready to leave for the airport. It is a two-hour drive, and we got there about three hours before her flight left. I watched her go through security, and then drove home listening to a podcast.

Now I don't know what to do with my day.
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Here are the new seasonal flamingoes. Malida asked, "What's in the box? I hope it isn't more of those flamingoes." haha!


I posted this picture on my Facebook earlier, and one of the people I went to high school commented, "Oh brilliant..tacky plastic birds, in a seasonal version." She wondered if they also glow in the dark, which would apparently be the acme of tackiness.

I hope they do. If so I will send her a box. Or two.
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I got a lot done today. While my students were doing clinical stuff, I completed a bunch of the preceptor paperwork. There is both written stuff and electronic stuff I need to generate in order for the preceptorships to happen. So far this semester's preceptor stuff seems to be going well. I met with three students and their preceptors and helped them set some goals for the 96 hours they will spend together.

After doing preceptor stuff, I went around and gave mid-term evaluations to most of the students. No one is having issues, so it was a positive experience. A few of them seemed a bit be surprised that they were doing as well as they were. Nursing school can be traumatic. Sometimes we give the impression that they have to be experts when they graduate, when we are really training them to be novices. They will know so little when they are done, but they will, hopefully, have the tools to learn.

After work I went to the old bank and got a bank check for half our balance there, and deposited it in the new bank. Someone from the old bank called me today and told me they could sort of give us an electronic debit card via our iPhone, but I explained that it was too late, and that we had changed banks. The person I talked with understood the issue, and wished us well.

reddy kilowatt jr

One of the panels in the old building elevators.
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I finished my yesterday's lecture this morning, and now have a free week to prepare for the next batch. I thought I had two hours today, but only had one, so that gave me an extra hour to do stuff. I wrote a couple of recommendation letters. One for a former student, and one for a friend of Malida's who wants to go to nursing school. I've known him for about 7 years, since he was a teenager and just here from Thailand. I am sure he will do great.

I went over to the hospital to meet with a couple of students and their preceptors. I know both the preceptors, and they are both great. I am really pleased with how things are progressing this semester.

After work I went for my doctor visit. I mentioned yesterday that I wasn't sure about this doctor, but the visit went well, and he addressed all my concerns. We talked about how follow-up should go, and settled on visits every six months, which is what I was doing with the previous doctor. I got a flu shot and a shingles vaccine, which is what you get when you are 60. He ordered a bunch of labs, which I anticipated and stayed fasting for, and I got those all drawn. All three needle sticks were pretty much painless. I hate needles.

After the doctor I went back to the bank to complete some additional paperwork for the new credit cards. Not paperwork, really, it's all electronic. We tried to do it yesterday, but I had forgotten to unfreeze my credit reports.

While we were waiting for stuff to process, the branch manager pretty much told me her life story. Married at 20 to high school sweetheart. Started working in a bank at 21. Had some kids, and eventually became a single parent for quite a while. Met her current husband about 5 years ago. She explained all about how they manage their home finances. They have a household account and each has a personal account. She keeps a budget, and keeps track of everything that goes in and out of the household account.

She told me that sometimes a young couple will come in to the bank trying to make sense of their finances after a bunch of overdrafts, and she will sit down with them and tell them how she approaches it. She was delightful, and I am so glad we went to this credit union.

I came home and finished transferring all our bills over to the new account. All except our water bill, which is some antiquated system that requires me to go into the office with a voided check. I don't have any checks, but can get one from the bank, and the water company is just across the street, so it's fine.

In the evening I wrote out my students' mid-term evaluations. It is so nice to not have one or two that needs to be shuffled to the bottom of the pile for special attention. Such a good group.

It seems like it has been a long day, and I am ready for sleep.

new guy

Seen on one of the art department faculty office doors. Everyone in the art department has private offices. Even the new guy.
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I spent the morning lecturing about acute respiratory distress syndrome. Even though I saw it a lot when I was in critical care nursing, it's not one of my favorite lectures. It might even be among my least favorite. Maybe I should rewrite it to make it more--I don't know--zippy or something.

One of my colleagues sat in on the last hour as part of my evaluation process. Another colleague will follow me around in the clinical setting next week. Then I have another meeting with all of them. New semester I do the same, and then I should get tenure.

I came home after work and took Malida to the credit union to get her account set up. She now holds an ATM card that actually works. Amazing! I am almost done with transferring all our bills over from the old account.

While reviewing accounts, I realized that I only had one more car payment on my car, so I paid it, and now no more car payments! Yay! Both our cars are in good shape, so we should be able to go a while before we have to buy another car.

I also looked at our mortgage statement, and realized that if I put half of what I was paying for the car payment into our monthly mortgage payment, I will be able to pay off the mortgage at about the same time I retire, in May of 2023. So I set that up as well.

For a while now I have wanted to get a better handle on our finances and see what goes where, and this has been the perfect opportunity to take a closer look. I am listing everything out so that Malida could figure it out if she had to. Kind of pre-planning for retirement as well.

I have a follow-up appointment with my regular doctor tomorrow. It was supposed to be about my foot, but now it is about rechecking labs from last year and stuff like that. I need a flu shot as well. I have only seen this guy once, and wasn't too impressed after having had a really great physician prior to that. If I am still not impressed this time, I'll make a switch.


More campus art. I think this is supposed to be a bear. It is a few steps from the dramatic tree, and yet another little delight in my work neighborhood.
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I went in to work and found that I had actually no meetings this morning, which was a delightful surprise. On the downside, I got an email from my nicest and most dedicated colleague asking if I could help her with something next Monday, when I have four meetings scheduled. I said yes, of course.

I got caught up on stuff, and avoided doing the thing I was going to do if I didn't have meetings this morning. I can do it tomorrow after lecture. Or Wednesday. Has to be done by Thursday at the latest, so yay for hard deadline. That's how I work best.

I called the credit union this morning. Malida still doesn't have a debit card, and they said it would be here by the middle of October. I even wrote a letter.

Well, it's the middle of October. So I called, and they told me it was going to be at least another two weeks. I explained that she is leaving for Thailand in 6 days and needs a debit card. The response was, "Nothing I can do--sorry."

So I went downtown to visit the credit union in person. There were no other customers, and three tellers all looking down at their computer screens as I stood there. Finally one looked up and motioned me over, and asked what I needed, while still staring at her screen. That kind of did it for me. I told her I wanted close my accounts. I cleared out everything except the checking. All our auto-pays come out of that one, and I have to switch everything over. She never smiled, made eye contact, or asked why I was closing my accounts. Adios!

I first opened an account there in 1991, when my first wife and I, not yet married, bought a minivan together. Back then we did all our transactions in person, and the tellers and managers knew us by name. There were no cellphones, and people still had wooden dentures.

I drove over to the credit union that I used prior to 1990, and where I still had a dormant account with a $50 balance. They were very friendly, and quite happy to take my bank check and reactivate my accounts. I got a new credit card and a new debit card on the spot. The debit card has a picture of kittens on it! I'll take Malida in tomorrow to be added to my account and open hers, and they will make a debit card right there on the spot for her too.

I spent the evening taking a look at all the bills that get auto-paid out of the old account and figuring out how to transfer everything over. I think it will take about a month to get it all sorted out. That was kind of the big obstacle to moving to a new credit union, but now that I am motivated, it is a little stone in the path.

In other financial news, week Malida took a message for me last week from the retirement department of my old company. I finally called back today. It turns out it wasn't about my retirement, but about my first wife's, who also worked there. Turns out she had some cash balance retirement fund that's been sitting there for 13 years, and they want to send it to me. Ok! It's not a huge amount, and I can't do anything with it other than fold it into my retirement account, but it was a nice surprise. Once again, thank you Arlina for continuing to look after me, years later.

Dramatic tree

An overly-dramatic tree from this morning. Drama courtesy of my Snapseed app.
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Toes were feeling pretty good today. Not really any pain--just a little soreness and itchiness. We were going down to the SF area to celebrated my dad's birthday, and I decided to wear a shoe--two actually. I should be back to normal in a few days I think.

Malida had been making fun of the way I was walking, doing an exaggerated limp and saying, "I'm an old man!" I reminded her that karma would soon be knocking at her door. We stopped at the drug store to get a card, and on her way out of the car, banged her knee, causing her to limp. I just laughed.

She was also singing some dumb, irritating song at the top of her lungs at me all day yesterday. She loves to try and irritate me, and this did the trick.

I woke up at about 5 this morning, rolled over next to her, and started singing the same dumb song in a loud voice, then rolled over and went back to sleep. Karma. We had a good laugh about both things on the way down to SF.

It was a nice drive, and we arrived at the restaurant just about 5 minutes before everyone else. My step-brother was there already, and we talked for a bit. We aren't close, but enjoy seeing each other. We had lunch at my dad's favorite seafood restaurant, The Fish Market. I like it too, and it's where we always go to eat when we visit my dad.

dad 88

He is 88, and is kind of looking 88. Every time I see him he looks more and more like an old man. Malida noticed he was somewhat quieter today than normal, but it is hard to tell. The rest of that side of the family is pretty loud and animated. There were only six of us today, which made it easier to visit with everyone. Malida gets on great with everyone, and they all love her.

My step-sister who is the baker baked up a bunch of cupcakes, which were the best cupcakes I have ever tasted. She could win awards, she is so good. She had boxed up a bunch for us to take home too. She is pretty awesome.


We had a nice drive home and are now relaxing in our various relaxing places. I can't believe Monday is almost here again. I don't remember if tomorrow is a big meeting day or not, and I don't want to look. I'll take care of Monday when it gets there.
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I laid low today to let my toe heal. We went for Korea BBQ, but that was about it. I played some music for my online friends this evening, but their political rants are starting to get to me, and I think I will drop out for a while.

I don't watch too much tv, but I got sucked into watching a German language version of Heidi, which looks like it might have been made in Switzerland. It was really well done. I googled it, and it was filmed in the Swiss Alps. Released in 2015. I think it was on Netflix.

I was surprised by how much of the German I could follow along with. There were subtitles, but I didn't really need them. It was well-acted, particularly the young girl who played the title role.

That's about it. I didn't take any pictures, so here's one of a chair sitting out on Highway 1 on the northern California coast. If you are Facebook friends with me, this is the companion to the one that showed up in my Facebook Memories today.

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Malida sent me this picture of the cats yesterday, and as soon as I saw it, I thought, "they're planning something. Something nefarious." I suspect the pigs were in on it as well.

cat conspiracy

And they were.

I went in to bed at the respectable hour of 10 pm. I walked over to my side of the bed, in the dark. We have wooden drawers under our bed that are normally closed. Sometimes the cats open them, rearrange the contents within, and take a nap. It was dark, so I didn't see the open drawer until the fourth and fifth (pinky) toes of my right foot connected with it.

I cussed and shouted a bit, but the cats were nowhere to be seen. My toes hurt, but I went to sleep. When I woke up the toes were swollen and purple, and hurt even more. I had to go to work, so I did.

Over the course of the day the toes kept hurting, so I let the class go early at 1 pm and went to the urgent care for my medical group. I probably should have called in sick, but I have never missed a clinical day in ten years of teaching, and am actually not sure how to call in sick. In any case, I logged more than 10,000 steps on that gimpy foot.

I spent 4 hours at the urgent care, mostly waiting. Fortunately I had my phone and a spare battery, so I could keep myself entertained. I was seen by a great nurse practitioner who did all the right things. I read a story about a woman who went ballistic after spending an hour and a half in an urgent care. I am a patient patient.

toe 1

The NP sent me for an x-ray. The tech was diligent in isolating the one toe and took three different views. Turns out she is a rad tech student, about 8 months from graduation. I told her she was a pro, and she beamed. I knew the toe was broken when her preceptor said, "oh, look at that". I love radiological techs.

I waited some more and the medical assistant buddy taped it to another toe, and gave me a special shoe. I have to see a podiatrist, because it is somewhat of a nasty break. It works out, because I can see them for the plantar fasciitis in the same foot. This is not my lucky foot. But I have known that for years.

Anyway, it feels ok now. Kind of odd to think that a toe took up most of my day.

I'm on to the cats game now.
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When the alarm went off at 5 this morning, I was in the midst of a dream with a group of people, and excused myself, saying, "I think that's mine." It was. I awoke relatively refreshed for 6 1/2 hours sleep. Two more weeks of this getting up early business and then I don't have to get up that early again until the end of January.

My students were pretty much completely cut loose to work with the RNs today, and all I did was go around and ask them questions about their patients. Some interesting cases today, including a disease I had never heard of. I like learning about new stuff.

During my downtime I worked on preceptorship stuff. The paperwork takes a lot of time. So far this semester, the whole thing seems to be running smoothly.

Too smoothly.

I'm waiting for something to go wrong. Something always goes wrong, just like a wedding. In my first wedding, the dj didn't have the music I requested and took off with the extra champagne. In my second wedding, the dj had the music, but took off with the extra bottles of scotch. No one ever steals the booze in preceptorship.

My last day in clinical with the students is two weeks from tomorrow, and then they spend the rest of their time with a preceptor. It is one of the high points in my semester, and signals the downhill slide toward semester break.

I told them I would take them to lunch on the last day after we finish up, and invited them to decide where they want to go. I do this every semester (but completely forgot last semester!). In every group, there is always one student who naturally assumes the responsibility of finding a place and making the reservation, and this semester is no exception.

Tomorrow is Malida's birthday. She works all day and always abstains from meat on her birthday, so I took her out tonight. I will get a piece of lemon cake tomorrow, and we can celebrate after she gets home.


Happy birthday--I bought you a bike!
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When I walked out of the house this morning, it smelled like a campfire. It is the fires that are seemingly everywhere in California now. I don't know anyone who doesn't know someone who is directly impacted by the fires. it seems like we have had way too many natural disasters this year.

We had our second exam today and it went pretty well. Once I got our testing platform set up last time, it is now really easy to do an online test. "Too easy," I thought to myself this morning as I was getting things ready. It was sosimple that I was sure I was missing some critical step.

At the start of the test we give the students a piece of random color scratch paper and a pencil so they can make notes or whatever. Most of them use it to unload a bunch of stuff in their head like lab values. Some work out problems. A few make notes for me about certain questions, and their perceived issues with the question in question.

I love reading them. I was one of those students. We had paper tests (back in the olden days), and I would often make notes in the margin arguing a point or something. I don't think I ever got any extra credit out of it, but I liked thinking about what was going on, and letting the instructor know I was thinking about it.

One student today argued that there was a better correct answer than the correct answer provided, but that it wasn't one of the available choices. He went on to elaborate on the question itself, wondering what would happen if the patient needed emergency drugs (which was not part of the scenario), and his hypothetical answer addressed that scenario. In a broad sense, he was absolutely correct, and in real life I would do what he suggested. I have to talk to him about the difference between test world and real world. He will make a great RN.

During the test I amused myself by reading those clickbait things they have on Facebook: "20 Times They got revenge!" or something like that. I have a fondness for those clickbait things. They are mindless and relaxing.

clay head

My grandfather liked to sculpt in clay downstairs in his little art studio. Over the years I saw him sculpt a number of heads. A few of them he cast in fiberglass or something, and I have one somewhere. This was a small model of a head he was working on when he died in 1987. I believe it is a self-portrait, as it kind of looks like him. He had that mustache, but his face was a little rounder. After he died, it sat down there until my grandma sold the house and I took it home. It has sat on top of one of my bookshelves since then. I also took his straw gardening hat, and the clay head wears it. It is one of my prized possessions.

I see that the president is tweeting about using federal agencies to go after people who criticize him or go against him in some way. It makes me wonder which line, eventually crossed after so many already crossed, will be the tipping point.
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After 5 hours of lecture and Q/A, I was worn out. It didn't help that I twisted my ankle on the way into the classroom--the same foot that has both plantar fasciitis, and a purple stubbed toe. I tried sitting on a stool for lecture, but I couldn't see my lecture notes, and l need to pace when I am talking. So I hobble-paced.

This class asks good questions that show me they are thinking about the content and not just trying to absorb it. I talked a bit about something one of my friends talked about over lunch yesterday--the concept of building relational databases in our heads with the information we collect in lectures and such. Rather than just trying to memorize it, to attach it to something we already know. In lectures, I always try to tie things to gather with stuff we have learned previously. It's good that a lot of my stuff flows like that.

I did some office work for a while after lecture. I am putting together preceptorships and need to get my students going on setting them up this week. I got one preceptor name that I had to reject, as she has been mean to students previously, and shows no sign of repentance. The rest of them are all good folks, and I am happy with what I got.

I came home, and Malida was unpacking and packing again. She will do this over and over until she finally flies off in two weeks. I can't do that. I pack one or two days before, and let it be.

My cousin went back to her house that was spared from the fire today. There is still an evacuation order, but she needed to go back. No power, so she is cleaning out her refrigerator, and notes that she is glad to have a refrigerator to come back to. The images coming out of the area are just mind boggling. And so many people still missing--in excess of 100.

I'm crabby.

chair on the tracks

This was number 13 in the chair series I did a while back. I think it is among my favorite photo projects. I still have that chair. It is sitting in the garage, dusty, and with a bunch of junk stacked on it. I need to think of another project to stimulate me, or be open to a project that presents itself to me, which is how it usually happens.
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I woke up to Malida's alarm rather than my own this morning, an hour after I needed to get up. I forgot to set my alarm. Fortunately I didn't have a class this morning--just meetings and a bunch of stuff to get done. I have felt an hour behind all day today, and not any more rested for the extra hour of sleep.

I was completely oblivious to the big fires to the north, east, and west of us until I read my Facebook and saw that my cousin in Santa Rosa had to evacuate late last night. She was able to go take a look this afternoon, and her house is ok, though covered in ashes. She says that many of her friends lost their houses to the fire--too many to count. Heartbreaking.

After work I drove up to midtown and met [personal profile] basefinder and his wife Debbie, who are visiting out this way for a few days. It was great to finally meet him after so many years. [personal profile] gracegiver and her husband were there as well, and it is always great to see them. We had a nice lunch and got a chance to visit for a while.

I came home after the lunch and napped for a while, then worked on test questions for our upcoming exam.

I start my shock lectures tomorrow and will be talking for 5 hours. Ugh.

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A relaxing morning drinking coffee with the windows open and good music playing on the satellite radio. My favorite kind of Sunday.

Our plan for the day was to go to the Giant Pumpkin Festival at the big park near our house. It is the biggest event of the year, even bigger than the Western Festival in May. The park has about 4 big events a year, but this one is my favorite.

pumpkin festival

We walked over at about 11 am, and wandered around looking at the booths and stuff. At noon they had the pumpkin regatta, which is a sort of boat race, but with hollowed out giant pumpkins. Participants race from one end of the pond to the other, then back again.


One guy sunk, but the other two were neck and neck to the finish line. The guy in the dark pumpkin won.

drum band

I have a weakness for drum bands. It's the beat. Back in the 70s I partied with the Madison Scouts, a drum and bugle band at some venue in San Jose. Forever etched in my memory, apparently.

Lobster roll

One delightful surprise was that the lobster truck was there, serving lobster goodness. I have been thinking about lobster rolls all week, and finally my lobster longing was satisfied. Not really--I need more!

giant pumpkin

Finally, the giant pumpkin. This guy drove nonstop from Wisconsin to enter his pumpkin in the festival competition, and won at a record-breaking 2095 pounds. There is another big pumpkin festival in Half Moon Bay next week, so I am sure he will stick around.

I love this town.
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The seller of the chair got back to me and I went to pick up the chair at 10:30. It was up in Citrus Heights, which is on the opposite side of Sacramento from me. It is where I moved to when I first moved up here from the San Francisco area 33 years ago. I was thinking about that when I was driving up there today.

I didn't want to move up here, but was transferred by the company I worked for to open a new industrial medical/urgent care clinic. Really, they were just getting rid of me. I sat up here for 3 months doing nothing and getting paid while the clinic was being built. The clinic finally opened and drew almost no business. I was fired about six months later--not because business was slow--I screwed up badly and deserved to be fired. Six months after that, I took the first of the classes that led me into nursing.

The people with the chair lived just down the street from where the clinic was. I drove past, and it is now an auto parts store. The liquor store next to it is still there. Liquor stores live forever.

The people selling the chair were in the midst of moving. Two young people with a little girl. They were friendly, and insisted on carrying the chair out to the car for me. I paid them and headed home.

On the way home I stopped at the cemetery where Arlina is interred. It is up that way, for reasons I can't quite remember. Closer to her parents, I think. Last Monday would have been our 24th wedding anniversary, so I stopped in to say hi. So much other stuff happened on Monday that I didn't even think about it on the day.

I stopped and got some soup for Malida and me and that's what we had for lunch. She's on a crash diet in anticipation of her trip to Thailand in two weeks. I came home to find her packing, again. She is a serial repacker, so I'm used to it.

I played a Tom Petty tribute set in Second Life tonight. I have been working on it all week. He has a remarkable body of work. Not just the many hit songs--there are all sorts of buried treasures. I played a lot of live stuff, because they sound so good live. A real rock and roll band.


I set up the chair after moving a bunch of stuff around. It is comfortable, and fits nicely in the office. I didn't think to take a picture until after it was dark.
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Ahhh the weekend is here. I never really appreciated the concept of the weekend until I took this job. Up until that point I had always worked at least two weekends a month, and had random days off during the week. I liked having days off in the middle of the week. It was as if it was my own little world. But weekends didn't mean that much to me. Just another couple days off.

Now, I count the days. I'd still trade them for two days off during the week though. I miss my own little world.


Last of the black and white challenge. Interestingly, the image in the computer was one that I was going to use for the challenge, but didn't for some reason. I took it last week in SF, and it was one of my favorites. I posted the color version here last Sunday. I like how I used it without actually using it. Sort of.

This evening I sorted out all of my doctoral papers. I tossed a bunch of stuff out, but saved my written papers, notes, and all the articles I collected. I put it all in a plastic tub. Now the table is clear, and I will take it out tomorrow to make room for an easy chair and an ottoman that someone across town is selling, hopefully to me.

My plan is to sleep in tomorrow, and go get that chair if they decide to sell it to me. In the afternoon I will stop by a friend's house to taste some of the wine he makes. I'll take some pictures.
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I can't think of a good reason why I forgot to make an entry last night, so I'll blame it on the zombie apocalypse.

I had interesting dreams, that included a bit of the latest evaluation recommendations for sepsis (passive leg raise), and woke up refreshed at 5 am. The cats were waiting patiently, and were rewarded with treats. After the treats were done and coffee made, Mook followed me into the bathroom, while Chocko went back to sleep on top of Malida.

I might have mentioned that I wrote a letter of complaint to my credit union week before last, having to do with their inability to replace one of our ATM cards for at least three weeks. "Nothing we can do." I'm not much of a letter writer, but I hate "nothing we can do," so I wrote the CEO. She wrote back and very cleverly said "nothing we can do" in a way that made it sound like they were doing everything possible. She noted that although that probably wouldn't mollify me, she was throwing in some gift cards for iTunes and Starbucks, which actually did mollify me. Ok, we aren't changing credit unions. Yet.

And what a wonderful word is "mollify". I had to look it up to see where it came from. It is from the Latin, meaning to make soft or supple. "These gift cards should soften him up good, eh?"

I'm almost done with the seven day black and white challenge. One more day after this. One of the great things about participating in it, is that it got me to look at things with my photographic eye again. I recall when I was first interested in photography, I looked at everything as a potential photograph.


Not the first time I have photographed this pig. He sits in front of the fireplace, giving everyone the stink eye.

The other day I posted a picture of a slice of limoncello cake, in black and white. Someone said it looked creepy. I was going for sinister, so I was kind of pleased.
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I took the class picture this morning after our lecture. They wanted it in front of the old building, which is still standing. The only real change is that they have knocked down some of the stone benches outside.

When I got there in the morning, I parked my car in the lot next to the old building and walked across campus to my office. It felt like fall. Pretty soon the leaves will start turning. I am so ready for fall.

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Yesterday was a horrible day. I woke up to the massacre in Las Vegas, and went to sleep with the death of Tom Petty. In between, I just felt bad.

I stopped watching tv news a while ago, so was spared all that, at least.

I don't know what to say about yet another mass shooting. They keep happening, and the body counts go up. And the NRA pumps money into politics and nothing changes. This is the status quo.

Petty's death hit me hard. It's like he has been playing in the background for most of my life. I first heard The Heartbreakers in 1977, in a common room in our barracks. Somebody was playing Breakdown, and I wandered in to see who it was. I was hooked. By the time I returned to the US in 1978, they were all over the airwaves in LA.

I stayed up late last night listening to his music. I was tired this morning, but felt like it was an earned tired.

lemon cake

I am doing one of those black and white challenge things on Facebook, and this was today's entry. Limoncello cake from our dinner at the local Italian seafood place. We walked in this evening and the woman who runs the place, along with her parents, recognized us. I felt like a real regular until an older couple came in and asked who was cooking this evening. The cook came out to see them, and then wandered over to our table to ask about how our meals were. He kissed Malida's hand, and shook mine. I like that place.


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