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They called again at 5:15 this morning to see if I would work. As it happened, I was lying there listening to NPR and thinking about saying "yes" if they called, so it worked out good all around.

I had an interesting and challenging assignment--two people who were both quite sick and a complex ethical issue thrown in for good measure. It was exactly the day I needed to get me interested in working again--difficult, challenging and intellectually stimulating. I liked the day so much I volunteered to do it again tomorrow.

My work friend Holly took time out from her busy day to remind me that I have value and worth. Oh ya.

If I hadn't worked today, I probably would have written a post about what I was doing when I heard that John Lennon was shot. I was smoking dope with my friend Mark in Newport Beach. And yes, it is one of those moments indelibly etched into my memory. I still have all the newspapers from the day after, and a couple of copies of the Rolling Stone that came out a few days later. I also have a box of cassette tapes from the radio that night--Jim Ladd of KMET in Los Angeles sounding dazed and confused as he tried to make sense of what had happened.

I might have also done one of those year-end memes that provide some sort of insight and closure to the year. The abbreviated version would read:

1. I traveled great distances, both geographically and emotionally.
2. I learned a lot.
3. I met many good people.
4. It was a year of both joy and heartbreak.
5. I wouldn't have traded this year for anything.

I'm reading The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. She captured me in the third paragraph when she wrote, "...my life went spinning of into a whole new orbit, and I mean whole new orbit.

Oh ya.
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thinking of you here, too
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The other day someone pointed out that I hadn't made a lj post since my flurry of posts on November 2, which incidentally included my 1000th post. I thought long and hard about something I could say in a post, but came up with nothing. So, as is my habit, I put up a picture instead.

My pictures almost always say something beyond the object at hand. Sometimes there is a clue in the subject line. Sometimes there isn't. Sometimes it's just a picture.

So I posted a picture of some migratory waterfowl, with some words from a Neil Young song in the subject line.

[Poll #611042]

I ended up liking that picture a lot more than I thought I would. As a result, I am giving it to someone for their birthday. They invited me to their party this afternoon. When they called to invite me, they felt it necessary to add, "There will be lots of interesting people! Well, who can resist that kind of temptation?

In a room full of interesting people, is the dullard really the only truly interesting one there? I hope so!

Gee, I wish there was more going on in my life, but that's about it....

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